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  • 22 February 2023
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Does anyone have a way to use an event calendar inside of Mews rather than external apps/programs?

At the Arcade Hotel, we host quite a few events, and have been using tasks to inform our staff. Nothing shows up on timeline, nothing shows up in notifications, only if they check tasks (which they do). 

What is everyone else using?



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6 replies

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Hello Dan!

thank you for this question! 🌺

This is Markéta from the Support team.

I wanted to check with you, if you are using the Calendar events tool?

Calendar events

You will be able to see this event on the timeline and also in the Availability & Occupancy report.


Let me know if this helps your operations,


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Really useful functionality, but needs some improvements.


The issue with this option is that you need to open Admin/Config access rights. 

I guess for a smaller team this can work, but if you were to centralize your Revenue management and oversee multiple properties - really not ideal.

Would be good to access the option with different access rights.

As well as not the most clear overview - the small badge icons are easy to miss and you can’t easily oversee if the events are running over few days or if it is different events every day.



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Yes we are having the same issues. As we have multiple properties within cities, most calender events are the same for both - now somebody needs to add these manually per hotel. 
A simple ‘import’ function based on an excel template would already help enormously! 

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And yes.. its marked on the feedback forum

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Hi @mauritsbots and @IgorK !

thank you for the feedback, this helps a lot. 👌

Also it is great the feature is already on our feedback page, I can see 3 votes for the same, so it would be great, if your colleagues with Mews access voted for this too, so we make this more visible! 👀

Have a great day!