Enable skip cleaning not working

  • 12 January 2023
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I have set up my hotels so that the staff can "ignore the cleaning" for some of our guests' stays.
I checked the box in the stay options.

But nothing to do, I do not have the option when the status of a reservation check-in

Can you help me?


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Thank you for raising it.

It seems to be a small 🐛. I have reported it to our development team and shall keep you posted. 

Kind regards,

Joanna 🌹

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Hi Moo,

We had the same thought, great feature but not developed enough yet for us to implement using this. 

Unfortunately for now the option is only available for shorter stays of 3 days, for longer stays the option will not appear on the reservation. Mews held a webinar last week on this topic also. 

Hope this helps!


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Hi @moo 

I have logged a support ticket on your behalf and shall keep you informed.

Once solved, I will post the resolution here as well.

Thank you for being with us😊

Happy weekend.

Joanna 🌹

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Hi @moo,

I wished to follow up on the skip cleaning functionality.

Developers introduced new version and the would work as follows:

  • reservations must be at least 2 nights long
  • future/check-in/to-be-checked-in reservation states + length max 3 nights => skip all cleaning is available
  • check-in reservation state + other than inspected + skip all cleaning is not enabled => skip next cleaning is available no matter the total length of a reservation

Please feel free to "test" and let me know your kind feedback on that.

Joanna 🌹