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Mews offers a digital check-in solution, but it's inadequate for high-end hotels where we have specific procedures to follow, often mandated by our brand standards. We're seeing the limitations of Mews, which isn't tailored to the needs of 4 and 5-star hotels. During a tablet rooming process, we don't have access to guest notes to inform them about spa or restaurant reservations. The worst part is that we can't manually enter credit card details; they require us to purchase their payment machines, which is outrageous. Should I go vote for this too?

Not to mention the checkout process, which is impossible to complete in employee mode on the kiosk. Lots of promising ideas, but they're never fully developed. It's frustrating.


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Hello @Philippe H3C 


We are not using the Kiosk so I cannot help you regarding this specific issue and I don’t know what you mean about “tablet rooming process” but regarding the credit card details you can enter them manually with no problem


Just go on the guest profile, then payment tab, and add a payment method


Then you enter the data on the Mews payments tab and the credit card will be tokenized and secured. You can even preauthorize from there if you want 


Hope it help





Hello and thank you. Yes, I know how to use this function. I just switched to digital check-in on a tablet in employee mode, where it's impossible to register a credit card unless you have another computer nearby to perform this action. The problem is that we're wasting time with a solution that isn't suitable for conducting professional online check-ins. It's important to note that for our establishments, we need to provide information to our guests about their stay. We don't just hand them the key; we accompany them to their room to show them the facilities. Having access to guest notes would also allow us to inform guests about their various reservations within the property.

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Well, I know you can work around it by using a “regular” tablet or a phone and go on the Mews URL ( as you would on a computer. You would then access guest profile/info and payments tab but if the dedicated tablet is not doing what it is supposed to do then what is the point having one indeed ?…


Sorry I cannot be of much help but @MarketaOupi might be more helpful and direct you to the right person 😉





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@Philippe H3C Thank you for your feedback, I had a chat with the Product Manager James  on best way forward here. I will come to your hotel early June with my colleague Francesca, we will discuss this topic then. Thank you 😊