Delete old staff from MEWS University?

  • 7 February 2023
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Is there a way to delete old staff member profiles from MEWS University?

Is there any reason to do this?


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Hi Ethan, 

This is Alex from Mews Support team. It is possible to delete the old profiles from Mews University. If you wish to do it, we can do it for you from our end. You won’t be able to it with your access privileges though. Deleting profiles is recommended only for specific requests to comply with privacy requirements e.g. GDPR. We recommend to disable profiles only. This way the learner data is retained in case the user re-joins in future as disabling profiles is a reversible action. 

This is how you disable a user access:

  • From main navigation menu select Users.
  • Search for and select the user you need to disable.
  • From Basic Info, toggle Login enabled, to disable access.
  • Save to finish.

Hope it helps!

Best regards,
Mews team

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Copy - that makes a lot of sense!

Follow Up Question:

Is there an SOP like this for employees who leave in MEWS?

I did not see a way that I was confident completely dissolved their access; so I deleted them.


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Hello Ethan,

Thank you for your reply. I checked our Help Center and we do not have anything like that yet. We will make sure to put it together and once it’s published, I will post a link for you here! Thank you for your great idea!

Mews Team