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  • 25 September 2023
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Hey Community! 


Is anyone here that managed to have the bills automatically closed? For us this is still a manually taks we dont really need and takes time and effort. 

As a Hotels have already all the reservations prepaid and also F&B we dont charge on the profiles. Would be super nice if there is a feature that allows us to close the bill at a certain time bedore check-out. 


If anyone here knows how to do that I would be super happy about some advice! 

Cheeeers 🙌🏻



Best answer by Sarah.Masterton-Brown 16 October 2023, 17:17

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12 replies

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Hi @Hendrik Renken  Great question! I’ve been digging around for some further info on this to help you. I’m in touch with the Product team and will come back to you with an answer next week.

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Hi @Hendrik Renken Apologies it’s taken a while to respond. Having checked on this, while you do have the option to close a bill if it is balanced (and no unpaid items/deposits exist), there isn’t a way to do this prior to check-out.  
There is a feature request here that is open if you wish to vote.


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Hey @Sarah.Masterton-Brown 

Any update on being able to use the check-out close balanced bills button for $0 balance ‘unpaid items/deposit’ bills? 

This is a huge frustration in all our properties to have to manually close these £0 balance bills each morning and would love to be able to close automatically upon check-out. 

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Hey @Sarah.Masterton-Brown 

Thanks for your answer! 
We do have that enabled, but the problem is that the “unpaid items/deposit bill” does not change automatically to an open bill. 

So me and Sam are facing the same challenge here, it is a huge manual effort to close them each morning.

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Hi @Sam  and @Hendrik Renken

indeed as you mentioned, the unpaid items/deposit window is not an open bill and does not behave like one. The default window is meant to be cleared up while working with the billing screen, so that items are moved into bills (or the window is converted into a bill by creating a preview of the unpaid items/deposits) and the items are not accumulating there. 

This is however a valuable feedback that I would like to bring up to our product team to see what can be done to make the process easier for you!

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Thanks Alzbeta,

But moving this ‘fake bill’ during the stay vs. on departure day is the same if the balance is $0, maybe Mews has the logic? but in our minds if the balance is $0 I would not even open the billing screen and seems unnecessary. 


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Hi Sam, 

I understand. For now the logic is - you’re not supposed to leave items unassigned (= in unpaid items/deposit default window). 
I do however agree that this may cause a lot of manual work. That is why we’ll look into possible solutions to see if we may make this process easier for you. 
Please bear with us in the meantime :) 

Hi @alzbeta skrabalkova

We are currently also experiencing this exact problem. Do you have any update on the solution?
An adjacent question is if it is possible to automatically move the unpaid items to a bill with your API?



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Hi @Sander

the issue is currently on our roadmap for this year, so we’re hoping to dive into this topic soon enough. 

As for your second question - we currently have no automated workaround (which is due to the current functionality workflow - items are supposed to be picked from the default section and sorted into bills manually, as the system can not anticipate how you want the items sorted).

We’ll keep you updated when there’s a progress on this matter. 

Hope it helps :) 

We also have this problem: it seems the bill is closed, but because there are unpaid items/deposits with balance 0, the guest cannot be checked out. And when you close these unpaid items/deposits a second bill appears on the guest profile. So their initial bill is there and closed, and now a second one is added, just because you manually need to close the unpaid items/dpositis

We're facing the same problem every morning. I even asked support and they just closed the ticket without telling me exactly what to do.


Got an answer that items that are set to be charged automatically by the system (if you have settlement rules set up) will most likely end up being "unpaid items/deposits" even if the balance is $0…


The workaround they told me is to move the items into a bill or create a new bill and move into this bill. Then you could head back to the departure screen and they should be ready to check out (no need to close them manually)


I then asked the support how exactly we're supposed to charge the bill to not face these unpaid items again, and they just closed the ticket with no answer.…



So we're having this problem every morning since day 1 with MEWS as our PMS. Been almost 8 months now....

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@alzbeta skrabalkova could you check, what the timeline is for this? 
We just opened our new location and facing the same issue here. 


Would be good also for the whole team to give them an answer as this is always a frustration to the team.