Can I have Multiple Reservations on one invoice?

  • 28 February 2023
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A travel agency has 3 reservations on the books.

They paid for all 3 with a single wire transfer.


I would like to issue a single invoice with the 3 Reservations, such that I can record the single payment.


I do not want to split the payment into 3 parts.

We preach the Golden Rule → 

What Happens in real life is recorded in the system


Is this possible?  Or do I have to move the 3 rooms under a single bill?


Thank you ;)


Client will be sending a SINGLE wire for the full amount of all three reservations.



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5 replies

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Hi @Ethros 


In this case it’s actually pretty easy.

You can select all reservations in the billing overview (your screenshot) and then click on “Move selected items”.

Then you can select a “new bill” on your Paymaster of Colombian Journeys, so they can all be on 1 invoice. At last you just add the payment and you will be able to close them all together in 1 bill.


I hope this is clear enough for you.


Kind Regards,


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Copy that - that was the workaround that we saw.


It takes a way from the tracking a bit, as now I cannot have bills/invoices named for their corresponding reservations.


Thanks :)

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 Hi Ethan,


You can always use the mews confirmation numbers which would still be displayed in the bills/invoices.

At least, this works for our accountant.


Happy to help,


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Spoke with the dev team today.  New billing feature coming out to handle this :)

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Great to hear.

It could be a great new feature I guess...