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  • 9 February 2023
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Hi Mewsers,


I was wondering if someone could help me with the automatic settlement rules.

As per policy we want to charge reservations a couple of days in advance. This has been set as an automatic settlement rule for the different rate groups. We offer both RO and BB rates. If a guest books a BB rate, the breakfast product is added to the booking (packaged). In the rate group we’ve selected to charge both nights and products in order to charge the package as a whole instead of only the nights. However, with the products enabled, all items are now charged (ie. parking, museum tickets...), which we of course do not want.


How are you all coping with this?


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3 replies

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Hi @MatthiasH,

Let me step in with some information from “behind the scenes”;)


We are currently working on multiple automatic settlement rules functionality, however the product section/selection is not part of that development at this moment. 


Hope that helps a bit.

Joanna 🌹





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Hi @Joanna.Svehlova ,


Thank you for this info.

Our account manager already send us this info as we are discussing to be part of the bèta program for this. However, I do think that the product team should really look into the packages.

For prepaid rates, you don’t want to charge the guests less then what the packaged price is. However, all extra add-ons by the guest can sometimes still be cancelled, resulting in refunds (and associated transaction fees). The best option here would be to select if you want to charge all products in the settlement rule or only the packaged products.

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@MatthiasH thank you for the feedback. I totally agree. 

I have raised it with our product team.

They will look into it, however, we need to be patient as it won’t happen at least in the upcoming quarter.  

Thank you for raising it.

Joanna 🌹