Automatic settlement failed email when manual reservation

Dear Community,

When we enter a new reservation manually (taken through email/phone), we are faced with an automatic settlement failed email being sent every time we book a reservation in non-refundable, instantly, right after confirming the booking, even after taking cc details.

Is the reservation sequence we are doing wrong, or are we not the only ones struggling with these automatic emails? 


Best answer by MatthiasH 5 March 2023, 23:50

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Hi Robert, 


You are doing nothing wrong at all. 

Sadly the mews automatic settlement only works when the CC is entered via the system (booking engine by guest, channel manager...) and not when entered manually by staff. So, every time that a reservation is created manually, you will always get the automatic settlement failed. Even for bookings where payment is taken at a later time. This is definitely something in which Mews should be looking into. Especially as reservations via email and phone are still a large amount of the total bookings. 

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Hi Robert,

That’s correct what @MatthiasH mentioned. 

This article describes the functionality a bit more.

Hope that helps.

Joanna 🌹

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Hi Robert, making a small change in the offset of your automatic settlement rules in your rategroups might help reducing the emails a bit. It looks like yours is now on 0 hours after confirmation. This is the exact same moment that the check out invitation is sent, so if you would set the settlement rule at a later time the guest might have had the time to finish the online check-in - so the personal cc details are there. 

Not sure if this is want you want for your payments, but it will result in les automatic settlement emails being sent out. 

Have a great day!

Regards, Sanne