Age-based breakfast prices with the integration

  • 25 January 2023
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We are using the integration from the marketplace. 


The Mews support told me, that age-based breakfast prices are supported by their integration. I know how to set up everything in Mews, but I am not sure on how to do in in the Extranet.

The support was unfortunately not very helpful so far. 


Is there anyone here who has successfully set up age-based breakfasts between and Mews? 

What is your setup in and does it map and display (children) breakfast prices correctly in Mews? 


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Hi @Georg Gaag   Sorry to hear you’re having these issues and haven’t been helpful for you. Our guidelines are to contact your account manager. These products can’t be added by you, they need to be set up on the extranet by someone in Do you have an account manager that you can get in touch with? 

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Thanks @Sarah.Masterton-Brown

I contacted my account manager at again and wrote her what you said. I will have an appointment with her on 9.2.2023. I will keep you posted. 

If anyone else has already set that up successfully, please let me know! :) 

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I have received an update from Mews support: 

After some reviewed information with the Channel manager experts. Unfortunately this feature is not yet supported by any of CHM integrations. integration supports only pushing age-based rates to, but not age-based products




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Good Morning @Georg Gaag

I have contacted support and indeed it is not possible to set a breakfast price based on age, it's only possible to set a per person price. Please see screenshot below. 



I hope this information is helpful ;)

Joanna 🌹

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Thanks @Joanna.Svehlova told me that I could set something up with children rates, but this is more a workaround and won’t sync well with Mews. 

So I hope they are working on age-based breakfasts that can be correctly mapped with the settings in Mews. 

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Hi @Georg Gaag,

I just came across this thread and I have some good news.

We're actually working on a fix on this right now, so it won´t take long! 

Stay tuned for the release notes!

Have a great day 😎

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Hi there! I have a direct connection now to and need to add breakfast to two of  our rates on . How could I do so? Is it still necessary contacting the account manager or could I connect the product by myself as there is an option in mews marketplace “products for channel manager”. Thanks for your help! Christina

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Hello @samoanprincess,

this conversation is about child-based products, while you are asking about general products so a new thread would have been better 😉
But please have a look at this article about mapping breakfast in 👈🏾

We checked your settings and the mapping code you use for breakfast looks too generic, so I am not sure if it is a correct one, you also need to link the product with a rate if you want Mews to send the total price for the package.

I am sure if you follow the article, you will have more clarity :) If not, you can always contact support 😎