Display multiple rates from the same rate groups in the booking engine

  • 15 September 2023
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Dear all,


If there are multiple public rates within the same rate group, MEWS will only display the cheapest option in the booking engine.

This causes issues for us for example when publishing our Christmas packages. They would both fall under the same rate group (PKG - Package incl. breakfast in this example), but since one package includes dinner and the other one a cocktail, only the cheaper cocktail package will be shown to our guests.

Now we worked our way around it by creating an additional rate group for the dinner package, however this is causing us to create unnessecary rate groups. We would like to have the option to display all public rates in our booking engine, or otherwise to be able to select a max. number of rates to be shown by ourselves in the booking engines setting.

Would the above be something that can be worked on in the future? This has also been posted in the feedback forum. https://feedback.mews.com/forums/955619-service-management/suggestions/47249189-booking-engine-rate-group 


Thanks in advance.

6 replies

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one could think of the fact that it is feasible to ‘enforce’ mapping of certain rates to the booking engine?

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I cannot agree more.

It should be possible to select which rate have to be displayed and which don’t in the rate management.
I never got the idea why Mews made is overly complex...

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Hello all, 


thank you for this question!

With Rate groups, they should only contain rates with similar terms in them so the advice would be to have a different rate group for the package with dinner and another rate group for the package with cocktail. 
I hope that helps! 

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Good morning Marketa,

Thank you for your insight. However, this is making things utterly complex.
We now have to use multiple rate groups to manage restrictions etc. Is there anything on the roadmap to change this?

Thank you.

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Agree with the feedback, we have multiple rates with the same cancellation/settlement rules but have to create different rate groups to get them both to appear on our booking engine. 
Wouldn’t better logic be, if the rate is public and there are no restrictions then we want this displayed? 

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Rate groups is a really nasty issue on mews. What are they for in the first place. I don't see the point to tie restrictions to a rate group instead of to the rate itself. Same with the number of displayed rates. Why can't you tick a box that says “display in IBE” or something.

The concept of rate groups is not clear to me. Of course, it’s nice to organize your rates. But why tie all kinds of rate issues (like restrictions or display) to the rate group.

Maybe I don't see the reasons behind it, but from a user stand point it's questionable and I have the feeling that a lot of hoteliers would be happy if these issues were solved differently.