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We're fortunate to have members from diverse corners of the world, creating a vibrant and multi-lingual environment. 🌍 While the community itself doesn't currently have built-in translation capabilities, fear not! There's a nifty solution using Google Translate.

No matter which browser you use, you can easily download the Google Translate browser extension. Just search for "Google Translate extension" for your specific browser and follow the simple download process. Once installed, you can configure the extension to translate text on-demand or automatically translate entire pages not in your selected language, all from your browser settings.

This community is predominantly English language. But when it comes to replying to a thread in another language, the choice is yours! You can respond in your own language or utilize Google Translate to help you translate your message on the fly as you type.

We're powered by Gainsight, and we're excited to share that multi-lingual functionality is on the roadmap for 2023! Stay tuned for more updates on that front.

In the meantime, wishing you a fantastic day! Guten Tag! Bonne journée!

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