How to use this community: best practice

  • 2 November 2022
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How to use this community: best practice
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We encourage you to use this community to share what you’re working on, ask and answer questions, and give and ask for feedback 💬. We want this community to be a happy and welcoming place 🌞 for everyone and to help us with that, here are some guidelines to follow when it comes to using this community:

😊 Be open and inclusive. Everyone here is valued, we are professional, we are all human, and we are special because we have such a diverse community. With that in mind, don’t post anything that a reasonable person would consider offensive and treat others with dignity, kindness and respect.

💪 Support each other. Be welcoming and supportive of others. If you have feedback for the Mews team, that’s great, we just ask that you make it constructive. Having a collaborative mindset and being ready to take part will add value to everyone here. This community is fully moderated so if a discussion is seen to fall outside this community code, appropriate steps will be taken.

👬 It is a public forum. So remember, don’t post anything here that you don’t feel comfortable sharing. If you are sharing documentation or screenshots, be sure to omit any confidential information before you post it. You can edit your own posts if you need to. 

🙏 Keep it tidy. It’s nice to know that everything here is up to date, relevant and easy to find so if you have a question, check it doesn’t already exist, and refrain from asking the same question if you’ve already raised it with your CSM or our support team. If your personal information has changed, update your profile, and if a discussion starts to move away form the original question, start a new thread!

Now, that’s the serious stuff out of the way. Why don’t you introduce yourself to your fellow community users 👋 and start making some connections! 

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