Community tips: Marking an answer as Best Answer

  • 1 February 2023
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You might have noticed there is a Best Answer option at the bottom of all questions. 
I’m here to explain what this does and why it helps 🙂

Clicking best answer means that out of several responses you may receive on your question, one comment will have the most relevant solution. Marking that answer as the best one will help others that are looking for a solution to the same question find the most obvious answer more easily.

Not only that, you receive points when you select a best answer to your question. ⭐ And if someone marks your answer as a best answer to their question, you get double the points! 💪 

Sometimes an answer is marked as best answer when it hasn’t solved the problem. 

Some areas of Mews may not work as designed, or is on the roadmap for improvement or is experiencing a bug. The best answer here would be to either raise a support ticket or create or vote on a feature request. While this isn’t technically solving the issue, it’ll remove the question from the Help Others section and keep this community moving along 🙂

Any feedback or questions around this are welcome. Just post below 

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